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Best Budget Canon LP-E6 Batteries

✅ Best Budget LP-E6 Batteries - http://amzn.to/2klO4LB
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Keep it Pro™
REACTORVISUAL : I bet my life none of those batteries has the power they printed in their label, except the original of course.
Travis William Matte : Anyone can look up batteries on amazon, budget brands don't give realistic specs which is why OEM batteries almost always perform better than off brands. I still have yet to see an off brand do better that the real one. People are interested in real world stats, not what's on the box.
Evil Diesel : You didn't even test them? It doesn't take much to write 2950 mah on a battery case, it could only be 2050 or 950:)
Rene Stanneveld : to bad that a canon e6 has 2 18500's in them that you can not buy higher then (real) 2040Mah.
so yeah anything higher then 2040Mah is fake SHIT one should avoid.
they are 3.7v they stack them so you have 8v at 2040Mah. (OR 3.7v at 4080Mah)
the 2600 omgwtf ones you see here is the same. but they double that Mah to (witch is in correct)
now then what do you buy with them 2600Mha. you guessed it. 2 x 3.7v 1300Mah = 2600.. no its not.. its 1300Mah
You need one. then take a 2040Mah one and avoid anything this noob tells you...
Best i found for my d5 mark3 are the Baxxstar 2040 ones with sell as Patona to. 44,- with charger (usb c) and they WORK...
Oliver Weber : Are you payed by Amazon ?? ... it seems so !!
I expected some testing of different batteries ... but what i get was simply presenting a couple of different batteries ... including some WRONG description !!
What about the fact between LP-E6 and LP-E6N ... and the problem using LP-E6 in some Cameras ??
What about a serious capacity-test ?? ... there is NO battery on the market that holds 2950 mAh for real !!!
What about spending some words about the circuit built in ... and therefore compatibility to the original charger ??
And DON'T USE this poor charger that is included by some batteries ... if you wan't crash your batteries or set your house on fire !!
Sorry ... but this video is waste of time !! Not helpful at all !!
kakudmi : Sir, you give bad advice and superficial info.
Felipe Vece : kastar baterry can hold the charge if you le it on the shelve or youn need to recharge it each time you are gonna use it?
Vudo2 : Can anyone who spent the time to watch this video refer us to a video that actually gives us some hardcore dependability and performance data so we can make some decisions on an actual purchase that is safe for our expensive cameras??
Nowy Kurs : LP E6N could be charged in camera. Others not.
Krav Magoo : Which ones blow up? Canon says that after-market batts are susceptible to exploding, so what specs have you got for that?

CANON LP-E6 Third Party Battery - Budget friendly alternative!

Unboxing / mini review on these amazingly cheap alternative Canon LP-E6 / LP-E6N compatible batteries from POWEREXTRA. It even comes with a dual USB charger! Find out if they are worth it.

Powerextra LP-E6/LP-E6N Rechargeable Battery + Dual LCD USB Charger

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#Canon #LPE6 #Battery
Joe Lam : Small update, the price has gone up slighty since I purchased mine back in December 2019. They are at £23.99 at the moment.
Ancle Doidoi : How are they going at present? Would you still recommend?
great purple dragon : are they still working to this day ?
Scyx Razor : Can you review Osmo Mobile 3 ? I would like to buy one if it's worth it

BMPCC4K Multiple Battery Test Review

My results from testing out LP-E6 batteries from different manufacturers.

Purchase Links:

BMD Battery Pack:





Recommended - Wasabi Power -

Radu Leonte : This video really needs a summary table, it's hard to keep track of all the numbers (prices, lifetime)
Alexandre D'acol : Thanks for the vídeo! Onde questionado though. You mentioned that the original battery stopped showing the percentage, what about the rest of them? Do they show the percentage accurately? I wanted to know the wasabi one if it shows the percentage correctly. Thanks !
Biju Viswanath : excellent comparison. thank you
Andrew Parsons : This is an underrated video. Change the thumbnail to something more clickable for more views
Freddy Edney : Would like to see the final shoot of the body shop...... PLEASE?




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