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Do Alloy Protectors Really Work?

This video shares my experience with trying to protect my alloy wheels over the past several years with two different cars. Using the same brand of protector (alloygator) both times, I share my pro's and cons opinion as to whether it's worth it at all.

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What is Alloy Steel in Process Piping? Low alloy vs High alloy steel - Piping Training Video-4

Learn about types of alloy steel used in piping. Low alloy vs High alloy steel.
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• Adding of alloying elements to improve the characteristics of the material is termed as Alloy Steel.

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2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy Review and Weight

The new 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy is the entry-level version of the Stumpjumper. New for 2021 is the S sizing and updated frame geometry. Overall a killer bike, reasonable weight, and 140mm of travel.
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0:00 Intro Montage
0:30 Video Contents
1:13 Frame Review
2:15 Frame Sizing
3:44 Frame Geometry
5:30 Suspension Design
7:07 Drivetrain
8:02 Suspension Fork
8:46 Cockpit \u0026 Dropper
10:27 Wheels \u0026 Brakes
11:16 Actual Weight

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The Stumpjumper Alloy brings all of the new, lust-worthy features of the Stumpjumper—like new suspension kinematics and geometry—into a full-alloy package that's both lightweight and extremely durable. Top it off with a no-fuss SRAM SX 12-speed groupset and you have the perfect ride for your next trail adventure.

All the travel in the world is useless without the proper kinematics, which is why we kept it at the forefront of the new Stumpjumper design. With the learnings from the suspension design on the Enduro, and over 1,000 hours of field and suspension lab development, we've greatly improved the pedaling performance, all while creating the capable, efficient, lively feelings that you long for. We increased anti-squat, so the suspension better-resists pedal bob, and then, we further-improved bump performance on square-edge hits. Bottom line? The all-new Stumpjumper descends with complete control yet climbs with ease.

The S-Sizing geometry of the new Stumpjumper hits the progressive sweet spot. Long, low, slack, a short offset fork, a steeper seat tube angle—they're all the talk of the town because they make your ride better. With Flip Chip adjustability you’re able to further fine-tune your fit, ensuring that your new Stumpjumper performs flawlessly on whatever terrain you choose.

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