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Comparativo Projetores LG HX-350T e Samsung P410-M

Comparativo de projetores led Comparação projetores LG e Samsung.\r
Modelos LG HX-350T e x Samsung P410-M comparinson comparative compare\r
Modelos LG HX350T e Samsung P 410-M\r
Modelos LG HX350 T e Samsung P410M\r
Modelos LG HX 350 T e Samsung P 410 M\r
HX 300 G HX300G HX300 HX 300G\r
Cortesia Renato Melo. www.renatomelo.com\r
Projetores em LED

LG미니빔 HX350 활용기 (영상편).wmv

LG HX350T Tuner Demo.

A brief look at the LG HX350T's tuner as some have asked whether there is any tuner lag when flipping the channels. I hope this answers that question!

Note: I claim no ownership of any of the presented video material shown in this demonstration. This video is mainly just to demonstrate the tuner capabilities of the LG HX350T LED Projector.




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